Program Certifications

Here are a few of the certifications you can get in this class

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An image of students Kye - on the left - and Zach - on the right- flying drones

Intro To Drones

Drone services are a fast-growing industry. Students learn to fly practice drones to develop confidence with the controls and flight techniques. They then move up to a DJI Mini 3 Pro which they use for photography and videography. Students earn the FAA TRUST Recreational Pilot certification.

An image of DMAIC process of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Our goal is to prepare our students to be effective problem solvers for their employers when they enter the workforce. The class completes a Lean Six Sigma project during the second semester where students use the LSS DMAIC process to create and improve a class project. Students earn the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

An image of Student Abdullahi showing the camera a diagram

Internet Business

Students are introduced to IT business careers and various ways that technology is used in the modern business world. Students learn to effectively use email and manage personal information. They explore internet services and tools for business.

An image of student Avery working on his website

Web Development

Students learn to create websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They learn to use development tools such as Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver and Figma to design responsive sites that can be viewed on different size device screens, including mobile apps.

A group inmage of - from left to right - students Connor, Zach, Nishita, and Avery learning how to wire


Students learn the types of networks and how network devices work. They practice network wiring and setting up network components. They learn about cloud computing and how to maximize resources by utilizing cloud capabilities.

An image of a digital Earth


Students learn about cybersecurity tools such as encryption, hashing, VPNs, VLANS, firewalls and password security methods. Students are introduced to the various types of current security threats and how to secure personal and business systems.