App Dev FLO

We are a class of dedicated people becoming app developers at DACC

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An image of the App Development class. In the front row - going from left to right - , are students Nishita and Zach. In the back row, are student Kye, student Avery, program Instructor Mr. Strunk, student Avery, student Abdullahi, and student Connor.

ADF class of 2022 - 2023

This is what the FUTURE of School looks like!

Schools have always been very traditional with their classes and hours. The AppDevFLO (Flexible-Learning Option) program at DACC is a senior-only program that allows you to deep-dive into IT and earn multiple industry certifications in a single year. Students attend classes Monday – Fridays from 2:45 to 5:00 PM and then work remotely on Fridays. Remote work is becoming more common in business today, so this prepares students for future jobs.

A picture of DACC student Kye

Kye Smith

“I really liked being apart of this class and I'm really excited that I was able to find something to pursue. This class really brought so many memories and new friends.”

A picture of DACC student Abdullahi

Abdullahi Musse

“This class has brought so many great memories into my life. Honestly, if I were to look for a better class, I wouldn’t find it. Unless it was a class about eating donuts.”

A picture of DACC student Aiden

Aiden Miller

“I learned my passion for web development when I arrived here, all thanks to the wonderful teachings of Mr. Strunk. A teacher with enough experience to absolutely blow you away.”